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Bringing together everything in the local community that is good for wellbeing.


From yoga to singing, sports clubs to arts groups, or perhaps somewhere to talk or get a cup of tea, ideas of local things to do to get a wellbeing boost.

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Support looks different for all of us. Find out about local services to support all aspects of your wellbeing.

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H.A.Y. East Cambs! How Are You?

We are bringing together everything in East Cambridgeshire that is good for wellbeing. From a friendly ‘how are you’, to activity groups and much more – it’s all taking care of ourselves.

If you run an activity in East Cambs that you would like us to feature on this site, find out how here.


Sometimes it’s daunting to try something new, so we are bringing you digital taster courses of local activities and tours of local venues so you can get a feel for things before giving them a try.

If you need support with your mental health, please speak to your GP. If you need urgent help, please call the First Response Service on the NHS 111 helpline and select the mental health option.

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