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BuggyBootcamp Ely is an outdoor postnatal exercise programme for mummies run by BuggyBootcamp UK founder, Nicola Ostler. It's loads of fun, it's safe and gets results.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • BuggyBootcamp allows new mums to take part in physical activity whilst keeping their children entertained.. the complete mummy-baby exercise class
  • It is time for mums to get all the mental health benefits of being outside and doing some movement - but babies are right there alongside
  • The babies' needs come first, and because of the pace of the class, there is ample opportunity for breastfeeding, nappy changing and soothing cuddles.
'Nic is a passionate advocate for the value of exercise as mental health care. But it's easy to know what's good for you and yet find it virtually impossible to do when you're having a tough day, especially with a new baby. It takes a special kind of person to make you feel you can show up when you're struggling, and that's what she does time and time again'

How to contact

Where to go

Palace Green

Meet Nicola, talking about postnatal exercise:

More information

Contact Nicola if you have any queries.

Nicola shares some sessions on her YouTube channel

You can also join Nicola here for some taster activities:

Taster Course link


Classes are subject to a fee – contact BuggyBootcamp for details.

BuggyBootcamp also run classes in South Cambridgeshire, at both Waterbeach and Northstowe.

Details of Nicola’s other classes can be found here.

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