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Ely & District Volunteer Centre match people who want to volunteer with organisations needing volunteers. They also promote good practice, campaign on issues affecting volunteers and help develop new opportunities.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Volunteering can make you feel valued which boosts morale, self-worth and thereby confidence
  • There is the potential to learn new skills
  • It gives you the opportunity to make new friends and connect with co-workers and others in your community
'I was lonely and all my confidence had left me. I volunteered at VCAEC as a gardener, working with a variety of people helping others in the community. I regained enough confidence to face the world again and was even asked to become an assistant supervisor. This all led to me now being in full time work with East Cambs Council'

What to expect?

  • Regular volunteering – A couple of hours a week or days a month enabling a regular position within an organisation to take up a role such as administration/ reception or befriending.
  • One off volunteering – Attending community and fundraising events, seasonal gift wrapping, event stewards,  collecting/ delivering donation boxes.
  • Micro volunteering – is commitment free volunteering in short timeframes – usually under 2 hours.
  • Beneficiary volunteering – Service users giving back to an organisation that offered them support.





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41e Forehill

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