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Do you need help with your English? If so then why not go along to the Ely English Language Café. Friendly, fun and informal language learning.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Allows you to get help with your English language skills
  • Meeting other people helps you feel connected to your local community
  • Friendly environment
'Friendly, fun and informal'

What to expect?

Meetings are friendly, fun and informal, and, what’s more, free!

All nationalities are very welcome.

More information

The team of volunteers are happy to help you with all aspects on the English language and culture. Past and present students have come from many different countries including: France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong and Korea, as well as Argentina, Brazil and Columbia, Bangladesh, India, Japan and, amazingly, São Tomé and the Cape Verde Islands.

Mentoring and tuition is free.

All sessions are run by volunteers at no charge.

How to contact

Where to go

High Flyer
69 Newnham Street

Lyons Languages
Basement Office
41 Forehill

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