Helping Hands Gardening Scheme (VCAEC)

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The Helping Hands Gardening Scheme from VCAEC is aimed at people who are unable to tend to their gardens for various reasons such as illness, disability or age. You can join their team of willing volunteers and help with whatever skills you can offer.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Volunteering can make you feel valued which boosts morale, self-worth and thereby confidence
  • As part of a small team you will gain plenty of new skills, from both the manual and horticultural work you will deliver and also collaborating with others and time-management
  • It gives you the opportunity to  make new friends and connect with co-workers
'I was lonely and all my confidence had left me. I volunteered at VCAEC as a gardener, working with a variety of people helping others in the community. I regained enough confidence to face the world again and was even asked to become an assistant supervisor. This all led to me now being in full time work with East Cambs Council'      



What to expect?

If you volunteer with VCAEC’s Helping Hands Gardening Scheme, you might find yourself helping with any of the following:

  • weeding
  • pruning
  • mowing lawns
  • trimming hedges
  • planting new plants
  • painting fences

More information

Find out about other volunteering opportunities via Voluntary Community Action East Cambs (VCAEC) here.


How to contact

Where to go

Rear Offices in Centre E 24 Barton Road Ely ​Cambs

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