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Mepal Makers is a free community workshop space where local people can come to repair, recycle, upcycle or make things. All materials and courses are provided free of charge and attendees exchange tips and advice with each other.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • There is a great sense of achievement in making things.
  • The opportunity to repair/recycle/upcycle rather than discard items can feel satisfying and increase a sense of resilience
  • There are opportunities to make social connections whilst exchanging skills and knowledge.


One of Mepal Makers’ Workspaces

A single storey brick outbuilding with two pedestrian doors and a large white double opening door

A Sample of the Equipment Available and Projects Undertaken

More Information

Mepal Makers specifically aim to reach out to older single men in the rural community who are not well served by other organisations – the Men’s Shed approach of fostering links in the community between generations through learning practical skills.

Mepal Makers also run computer courses and provide facilities to enable those unfamiliar with the internet to gain confidence and skills.

What to Expect?

Mepal Makers ask that people complete a membership form which can be found on their website. This asks for a little information about you including what you’re interested in doing or making and whether you bring any skills with you which could be shared with other members. Once registered, you can then book sessions in the workshop.

You will be shown around and may need to complete training on some of the equipment.

If you are offering support or need help with something in particular, you can be matched with someone.

  • All courses and materials are provided free of charge.






How to contact


Social media

Where to go

Fortrey House
16 Bridge Road

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