Phone Box Library in Sutton

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The Phone Box Library in Sutton is place for locals to share books they no longer want. It is positioned close to the One Stop in the centre of the village, just to the left of the layby and close to the village noticeboard.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Reading is a great way to relax and feed your imagination.
  • Learning can improve self-confidence and raise self-esteem.
  • Having a destination helps motivate people to get out and about in their communities.

What to expect

The phone box is located to the left of the village shop on the High Street. It is next to a bench so on brighter days you may wish to take a seat to choose your books.

You can help yourself to books from the Sutton Phone Box Library, it is run on a trust basis. There isn’t a limit to how many you can take at once or how long you keep them for but there is an understanding that users consider how well populated they leave the shelves. The variety of books on offer will vary. In general you’ll find a mix of publications for children and adults across fiction and non-fiction.

More information

Donations of books are always welcome however, if the shelves are full, the organisers ask that you call them to arrange an alternative place for drop-off.

Within the phone box there is also a small cabinet which serves as a seed library. Users of this are encouraged to treat it more as a swapping opportunity so if there’s something in there that appeals to you, consider contributing to it the next time you have an excess of seeds yourself.

Badge reading Free

Sharing books is free.

How to contact

Where to go

High Street
Sutton CB6 2RB

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