Soham Plant and Produce Exchange

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Take something if you want, leave something if you can. The Plant and Produce Exchange is here for everyone in the community to share their plants and produce with each other - there is also a Seed Share tub for sharing seeds.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • The Soham Plant and Produce Exchange is here to prevent waste, cultivate a sharing community and more plant related joy!
  • There's no money involved, it's all about exchanging plants and produce (and seeds).
  • A joyful community resource which will bring a smile to many faces and enable those with green fingers to exchange their spare plants and fruit and veg gluts
'Someone lovely has donated lots of sunflower plants! How awesome is that?! Thank you kind person'

Soham Plant and Produce Exchange location

How to find Soham Plant and Produce Exchange?

It’s on the footpath by Berrycroft Allotments, between Berrycroft and Julius Martin Lane, at the junction with the allotment track heading to Mereside.
If you’re driving, do NOT attempt to drive down the footpath, instead you can park just around the corner in the carpark on West Drive Gardens. On West Drive Gardens follow the road round to the right and carry on past the blocks of flats on your left. Ahead of you will be a set of metal railings, turn left just before them in front of a set of bungalows. Park in the big car park with the garages past these bungalows.
You’ll see our white cottage over the wall of the car park, so on foot head back towards the bungalows.
On your left is small cut through, turn left onto the footpath and you’ll see our house ahead of you.

The Plant and Produce Exchange is entirely free!



How to contact

Social media

Where to go

55 W Dr Gardens
Ely CB7 5EX

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