Stankers Pond in Sutton

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Stankers Pond is a beautiful, small reserve where you can enjoy nature just a short walk from Sutton village centre.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It’s close to amenities and very accessible, making it a good destination for a quick leg-stretch if you’re busy.
  • The noticeboard at the pond has some interesting information; learning is good for brain health and self-esteem.
  • The pond area is quiet and has plenty of wildlife offering a nature fix that might help with mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression.

‘I lived in the area for a long time without even knowing the pond is here – now I know I can pop down here whenever I need a little peace and quiet’


What to Expect

Stankers Pond is within very easy walking distance from the centre of Sutton so, if you live locally, it’s a lovely destination for a stroll. Just be aware that the last stretch of road has no pavement, but traffic is minimal. If you travel there by car there is space for a couple of vehicles to park whilst maintaining access to the gated entrance. Stankers Pond has an information board showing you what wildlife to look out for and a little of its known history. You can walk around the water and there is a narrow footbridge across one stretch, plus a bench to sit and enjoy the view. If you have little ones in your party just be aware that the water’s edge is unclear in some parts due to the thriving fauna.

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Where to go

1 Station Rd
Ely CB6 2RL

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