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The REAL Circle of Women is a monthly get together for women to share their thoughts, challenges and feelings in an understanding and accepting group. There is the opportunity to reflect on what you share and to show support for others. A safe, supportive space; time for you.

What to Expect

REAL Circles are held in The Log Cabin, a cosy, welcoming building in the garden of Caitriona’s home in Soham. Once you book, via her website, Caitriona will email you with a form to provide a few more details about yourself and some information about where to park and how to access the Log Cabin.

Upon arrival, you’ll find the cabin to the right as you go through the gate. Caitriona will welcome you and help you to settle in, followed by a short intro to how the session will unfold once everyone is there: You can expect some talking, relaxation, time for thought and support aplenty. Caitriona is great at walking the line of leading and guiding the group whilst keeping it very much a time that belongs to all attendees and can read each session well to suit what is needed that day. It is expected that all participants in circles will be respectful of the information that is shared and honour everyone’s part in the session.

Beth from HAY East Cambs joined a REAL Women’s Circle and tells us about her experience in this short video

More Information

If you are arriving by car, it is worth paying attention to the information provided re where best to park and get to the venue from there. There is a toilet in Caitriona’s house with people are welcome to use.

There are plenty of hot drinks options on offer, ideally take your own mug along to make them in. Also, remember to take a notebook and pen either for journalling or just making notes. The Log Cabin is lovely and warm and there are blankets provided to get extra cosy but it is still a good idea to dress warmly on colder days.

Caitriona has many strings to her bow and, as well as REAL Circles of Women, Mothers and Home Ed Families, she is a trained sling support consultant and breastfeeding counsellor. Find out more by following the links or contact Caitriona directly to talk about your needs.

There is a cost for Support in Soham services and activities, details of which are on the pages for each activity on the website. If the cost is prohibitive to you, contact Caitriona to discuss.

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